New York Fashion: Adriennes, Avon, Bergdorf Goodman, Birchtree

Adriennes, has two locations one in Manhattan and the other in Islip, Long Island. It has been offering exquisite designs and skilled alterations to the clients since 1950. The store in Manhattan offers a wide variety of bridal and evening wear.

In over a 100 countries Avon has been a leader in fashion and a powerhouse in direct selling. A trusted name among its customers, Avon has been world’s leading direct seller of beauty and other related products. With the annual revenue of $6.8 billion, Avon markets to women around the world through 4.4 million sales representatives. Its product line includes recognizable brand names such as Avon Colours, Anew, Skin So Soft, Advanced Technique Hair Care Centre, becoming and Avon Wellness. It also markets an extensive line of fashion jewellery and apparels.

Bergdorf Goodman, standing at the crossroads of fashion at 5th Avenue and 58th Street, is known throughout the world for elegance, luxury and superior service.

Birchtree is a women’s clothing store located in Woodstock for more than 20 years. Offering all sizes from plus to petite, this store specializes in super comfortable Flax clothing from Angelheart Designs and also offers stylish women wear and accessories for all occasions, from Cut Loose, Stephany Schuster sweaters, and Avalian sweaters, to Tom Tom and Kusandi.

New York City Fashion – Puffy Jackets And Librarian-Style Glasses

With the chilling cold weather in New York City, puffy jackets are the 'in' thing in the fashion mileau. Though some may argue that this kind of jackets is totally unflattering and tends to give a fatter appearance, once you don it the right way, you can look absolutely amazing. The puffy short-length jackets of Burberry have an amazing fit, and don't give you a bulky look. They come in all kinds of colors, and you can purchase a Burberry puffy jacket only during sales. You can even try the long-length coats in this style. The best part of this apparel is that it is very comfortable and warm, and is also wind and water-proof.

A decade-old style is hitting the city all over again. People in NYC are experimenting with a geeky-look, with the librarian frames. This type of glasses gives you a vintage look. Betsy Gonzalez, a sales executive in New York City, when asked why had she adopted this style, replied that it gave her a feel that she was in a forties detective movie. When Lauren Marks, a writer, was asked what made her resort to such a type of glasses, she replied that the round and large glasses seemed to compliment her big and bulky eyes, and also helped her look more professional and bossy. Thus different people might have their own views as to why they are wearing these glasses, but the end point is that the librarian-style frames seem to have an enormous effect on the locals.

New York Fashion - Cropped Jeans, Fluid Dresses, Lipstick

The new season brings in new changes in fashion. The once hep-look of skinny Jeans is no longer in fashion. They have been replaced by wide tailored trousers and by cropped Jeans - mid-calf to ankle-grazing. You can get a trendy yet simple look by pairing these Jeans with tailored jackets or T-shirts.
Fluid dresses have made an impact in the minds of the people who recognize the newest trend-setting products in the fashion industry. These dresses are in demand as they are simple, comfortable and easy to carry off. They also suite almost all kinds of body types, so it is not necessary to have the body structure of a model. You can get them more or less in all colours, but the most frequently worn colours are dark blue, back and beige.

Women tend to put on hot-red-coloured lipstick as this colour tends to give a completely different appearance of the person. Many celebrities are seen in this appearance in a lot of events like ramp walks, red carpets and parties. This style gives more of a Robert Palmer girl look. Experts recommend that most women must opt for a blue-based red colour; though there could be some exceptions - like those who are red-haired need to go in for orange-based red.  This colour suits most women, and gives them an elegant and classy look.

New York Fashion - Long Dresses And Furry Vests, Return Of The 50s Style, Bright Clothes In Pre-Fall Collections

Layers of clothes were the most fashionable thing in New York City in December, but the people have adopted a brand new style this month. The women in the city are seen beautifully dressed in long dresses and furry vests, that appear to have supplanted what was <i>de riguer</i> December. Many women on the streets are spotted wearing slim-cut coats and thick scarves.

Dresses in the fifties style are setting a trend all over again. Women in NYC are wearing these clothes for all kinds of occasions. For any professional event or meeting, you can wear such attires along with a cardigan or a cropped blazer. For other informal outings, you can also don these dresses with bold patterns. The dresses may be inspired from the fifties, but their bold and colourful style help to give a fresh and fashionable look. For this season, the women of the city are pairing up these dresses with black leggings and heels.

The city's designers are displaying a colourful and floral-printed style of clothes, in their pre-fall collection. The designers have replaced the dull-hued clothes with bright colours - for e. g., brown, black and gray are replaced by peach, teal, tangerine and emerald.

New York Fashion - Velvet, And The Cozy-Cool Winter Street Style Look

Styling in velvet fabrics is the in thing for the season. Many actresses have been spotted adopting this style, like Emma Watson, who went decked in a black velvet dress for promoting her latest Harry Potter movie. Dresses with these kinds of fabrics will be quite suited for parties. Get a flashy and a feminine look by wearing jackets, knee length coats, fashionable heels and trendy bags made of velvet. The attires are comfortable yet trendy and fashionable. This style is being rapidly embraced by many foreign brands and famous designers like Aldo, Alexander Wang, Brian Atwood and Jane Post.

You can dress ten ways this winter, to give yourself the Cozy-Cool Winter Street Style Look. You can match neutral colours with black or brighter colours - for example, you can wear a basic black cape on golden or more chic colours. The frequently worn colour in winter is black, and so, to have a beaming look on a dull day, you can wear a black coat on a floral dress or you can just keep your look elegant by wearing a lean tailored coat with buckle boots.

Some women look disastrous when they do not know which kind of apparel they need to wear on what types of shoes. On a flat ankle boot you need to drape yourself in different colourful layers of clothes, and on a Hardware boot you can use a lot of girly accessories like scarves and sun-glasses.

Fashion trends in New York - December 2010

Exchange all your colourful plaids with black and white plaids. Colourful plaids might be fashionable but black and white plaids will give you a professional and a low-key stylish look. Try out a plaid wool overshirt lined in oxford cotton at Club Monaco ($129), a wool crew-neck sweater at Burberry Brit store ($395),a plaid cashmere peacoat at Ralph Lauren ($4995), a plaid blazer at Ermenegildo Zegna ($945) and a plaid wool shirt at Rag and Bone ($220).

his new jeans makes small air pockets by converting the moisture into body heat and in turn keeps your body warm. Get these eccentric and comfortable jeans at Uniqlo, a Japanese retail store in SoHo. This company had begun in 2003 and from then they sold more than 100 million heattech apparels across the world. Uniqlo has expanded its collection this year with leggings, mufflers, hats and skinny jeans.

People of New York were seen dressed in Santa uniforms and costumes. The Santa Clauses were seen gathered near the post office as the usually do and other people were seen dressed up in costumes of gift boxes, Christmas trees and some people even had gifts on their feet. People were also seen dressed in blacks who would not take the madness of colours. So, this is the hustle and bustle of New York City a week before Christmas.