New York City Fashion – Puffy Jackets And Librarian-Style Glasses

With the chilling cold weather in New York City, puffy jackets are the 'in' thing in the fashion mileau. Though some may argue that this kind of jackets is totally unflattering and tends to give a fatter appearance, once you don it the right way, you can look absolutely amazing. The puffy short-length jackets of Burberry have an amazing fit, and don't give you a bulky look. They come in all kinds of colors, and you can purchase a Burberry puffy jacket only during sales. You can even try the long-length coats in this style. The best part of this apparel is that it is very comfortable and warm, and is also wind and water-proof.

A decade-old style is hitting the city all over again. People in NYC are experimenting with a geeky-look, with the librarian frames. This type of glasses gives you a vintage look. Betsy Gonzalez, a sales executive in New York City, when asked why had she adopted this style, replied that it gave her a feel that she was in a forties detective movie. When Lauren Marks, a writer, was asked what made her resort to such a type of glasses, she replied that the round and large glasses seemed to compliment her big and bulky eyes, and also helped her look more professional and bossy. Thus different people might have their own views as to why they are wearing these glasses, but the end point is that the librarian-style frames seem to have an enormous effect on the locals.

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