New York Fashion - Long Dresses And Furry Vests, Return Of The 50s Style, Bright Clothes In Pre-Fall Collections

Layers of clothes were the most fashionable thing in New York City in December, but the people have adopted a brand new style this month. The women in the city are seen beautifully dressed in long dresses and furry vests, that appear to have supplanted what was <i>de riguer</i> December. Many women on the streets are spotted wearing slim-cut coats and thick scarves.

Dresses in the fifties style are setting a trend all over again. Women in NYC are wearing these clothes for all kinds of occasions. For any professional event or meeting, you can wear such attires along with a cardigan or a cropped blazer. For other informal outings, you can also don these dresses with bold patterns. The dresses may be inspired from the fifties, but their bold and colourful style help to give a fresh and fashionable look. For this season, the women of the city are pairing up these dresses with black leggings and heels.

The city's designers are displaying a colourful and floral-printed style of clothes, in their pre-fall collection. The designers have replaced the dull-hued clothes with bright colours - for e. g., brown, black and gray are replaced by peach, teal, tangerine and emerald.

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